WMU of Arkansas Supporters

Woman’s Missionary Union of Arkansas supporters invite you to expand your sphere of influence and impact the world for Christ by starting a CIRCLE – beginning with a mission-driven Bible Study (discovering God’s purpose for your life), learning about a place, a need, or a method God is using to reach unbelievers (emphasis RUSSIA for 2017), and ENGAGING in a mission action project. For help with any of these visit

National WMU resources and outreach (such as Worldcrafts) provide you with a means to reach the world from your home. There are resources for local, state, national, and international projects or ministries. As supporters of WMU, we encourage you to get outside the WALLS of your church and your home to impact the world for Christ. Discover myMISSION‘s Bible and mission study for your CIRCLE; or, choose from a number of mission education and Bible study materials at FREE STARTER PACKS are available for your new group leaders (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Learn How You Can Support Freedom around the World and in your own Home. Our focus will be on using your home as a gathering place for mentoring women, couples, and children in a missions lifestyle.

WMU Dots Tiny Reverse

WMU Dots Tiny Reverse

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